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*waves to...anyone reading* Hiii! Welcome to Journey Westward, I new Saiyuki RP! I hope that many will join because...because I want to RP >.>; So, please read/follow the rules that I have made up all by myself. The storyline is pretty much AU; the Sanzo-ikou are living in the same arrangement as in the anime (after they first, met with Sanzo and Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo. This does not mean that they are paired up as uhm...a couple). The rest of the Saiyuki cast is living in their own dwellings, blah blah. I'm not real good with story lines or anything, so if you guys want to change it a bit, you can go right ahead. =D;;;
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^^; Ah, we typically play Dr. Nii, but I have a feeling he'd be awfully lonely.

Name/Nickname: keikain
Character: Kougaiji
Sample(^^; Being lazy and taking from my chat-RP): Kougaiji grabbed a bullet with clawed fingers. He had to trust the priest not to shoot himself or him. Damn that doctor. "I'll tell you right now, priest, if you shoot youself or me, I will chase your down and haunt you. I am not giving you this bullet to kill yourself, I'm giving you this bullet so that I don't have to say I wasted years chasing down a pathetic corpse like the one you'd leave right now."
Obligatory sucking up: XD We love you? ^^;;
I just realized that your icon. Haven't seen him yet in the anime, but I've seen him in small fandub clips...and he rocks. XD

Yay, we have ourselves a Kougaiji. =DD
*laughs* Isn't he adorable? But, yeah, you'll see him pretty soon, I'm betting. He's one of the first shinigami you bump into after Renji and Byakuya appear.

Ah! XD Alright~!
Okay, I'm posting this here, because I can't seem to update via my journal. ;_;

Ack! *facepalm* katgi, you should probably know the community's LJ format doesn't work in Netscape -- it won't show any text or allow any action at all. *sweatdrop* I shall grudgingly pick up my IE browser with two pinched fingers and attempt to tolerate using it whilst keeping it as far away from me as possible. >->

Hehe, with that out of the way, on to other things.

Name: sychogrl Sycho fer short.
Character: One Genjo Sanzo Houshi, served on a silver platter and cranky as he wanna be :>
Ooh, I get to audition now, do I? Well, here goes.

His sandaled feet stirring the dust of the road, Sanzo paced back and forth, his robes emitting a soft "swish" with each measured step. The cigarette captured delicately between his teeth smouldered crimson in the waning daylight, its billowing plumes of smoke carelessly trailing and drifting in defiance to the monk's current demeanour.

Sanzo scowled imperceptibly, refusing to allow his features to betray his emotions. There was no point in being angry about this, of course; much less letting anyone else know he WAS angry. Yet he had the suspicion, looking sidelong at his companions with each turn, that they knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling.

Damn them.

Hehehe, I love you? XD
*gasp* Why won't you work in Netscape?? *pokes LJ format* But...the layout was so pretty (to me, anyway XD)

*gasp* Did you go to Acen? I clicked on your name thing (well, my brother was toying with the comp and clicked around) and saw a pictures link. I thought it'd be for fanart and so I clicked it. To my surprise, I saw ACEN 05 there. I went to Acen 05! I was one of the MANY Kibas...and an Ed and a Goku. XD;

O_O Your role playing skills...are like OMGWTF. I love you, our new Sanzo-sama XD
'Tis pretty. I shall sacrifice and use IE just to see it. <3

YUS, I was SO at ACEN '05! Bet I saw you there. <3 I spent two days as Sanzo. :D 'Twas fun, but hard NOT to want to run and jump all over the place... hehehe.

There are some random fanarts I've collected in my photo galleries, in case you feel like looking. ~~> Random Fanart Beware, they are slashy in nature, as I am a huge fan of it! I DO have preferences in pairings, as that link should make apparent, but am willing to try others, or none at all. :3

*happy squeak* I win!!
Waaaaah, we did meet XD I was that dorky Gaiden Goku and you were the yaoi Sanzo slapping the Gojyo! I have proof. >.>;

These fanarts....are so pretty...
;_; Nu, wrong Sanzo! Moi!

They is. Verra lovely. <3
*gasp* how could I be wrong? XD; My eyes aren't as good as they use to be...but you still made a hella cool Sanzo.
TY XD The pictures in the Saturday morning photo-op don't have me in them... got there too late for anyone to care. u_u;; Why it was in the morning, NO idea... year before we had it at night ;_;
I remember that one, too. I was Goku then also...alongside the crazy Goku that got by...Hakkai O_O; I wasn't able to go to the later,later one since it was at like...12 or something
Waaaaaaai! You make a cute Goku!
>.>;;; Noo...yes
Noo-yes? Okay ;_; I'm not a stalker or anything! T_T
XD Yeah, That's me in the picture. Naaah, you're too cool to be a stalker =D

*flailing more*

Re: This is fun *twirls*


11 years ago

Ok.... *breathes*
Name: AmneCo
-character: teh Gojyo
- Slowly peeking around the kitchen corner the red head sighed. With a scowl he thought aloud to himself... "Why did that damn monkey eat the last of our food?? I gotta starve now because of his greedy ass" He pulled a cigarette out of his top pocket and lit it up. Inhaling the smoke he leaned against the wall. "Heh, I'll show that monkey who's boss around here..." With that he licked his lips and smirked.
(sorry, it's really bad but it's late >.> Shut up.)
- I LOVE YOU, ERO BAKA SARU KUN . O_O *eye twitch* can be afraid now....
XD Why yes, I am teh loved

And yay, you're Gojyo! Now you can be all up with Hakkai. Muwahaha XD;
WTF. You said Hazel was gonna be Goyjo and that's why I couldn't be him!! *runs away sobbing*
ahhh. I wanted Hazel to be Gojyo, but I guess she didn't want to or something, so I just asked Martha.
Waiting for role-play ;_: *flailinates*
your name/nickname: Kaname
-character you want: Cho Hakkai-san
- Good grief, I have to clean up again after everyone. Under my cheerful smile, I really do get annoyed with these guys, but I do love them as my family, and that is how families are suppose to be. At least I am the only person who get's to drive. If I let Gojyo at the wheel, he would be to pre-occupied by the woman on the side of the road, lighting a cigarette, or too drunk to drive. With Sanzo, he will probably sleep at the wheel, seeing as he always is sleeping in the jeep. Then Goku, he will probably be too weak to drive with his hunger pains, or he will drive as fast as possible to get to the next town. Poor Hakuryu, just thinking about this gives me chills. All well, another day passes, and a new brighter future to come for the four of us.
(If there are some grammer errors, well, it's 3:00 A.M., so sorry about that)
-Um..well..I love you! (glomps with a big grin on face)^_^
Sorry if this sounds weird, but I am new to RPG's, and have never been apart of one, though I do hope I can join this one and prove my skills are worthy enough.
Oh regular lj is roy_rules
but my Hakkai lj is chi_blast