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Affix Signature Here


Affix Signature Here

Scritchy-scritch. Dip of pen into inkstone.

Affix Signature Here

Sip of hot tea. Scratch scritch.

Affix Signature Here

"I really need a signature stamp for this."

...With humblest regards, the Master's presence has been deemed necessary for the retrieval of a number of sacred artifacts stolen from the Cloud-Treading Mountain Spring's Golden Way Temple, which has been the recent target of a number of bandit groups and distressed local spirits...

Scritch scritch.

...And we know the Master isn't really paying attention as he signs through these documents, so we have helpfully sent a great number of them in the hopes that the Master will actually look at one or two...

Scritch scratchy.


Sanzo blinked, for once actually looking down at the document. He turned back to the last one and noticed he'd written his name in the middle of a line, and had done the same thing on the page before that.

The full details of this request should arrive soon in the form of a delivered message.

We thank the Master for his time.

-- Mendicant Staff of the Golden Way Temple

He stared balefully at the last page of the document, then proceeded to toss it aside. What did they think he was, China's cop? No. No Sanbutsushin orders, no going.

Sanzo sipped the last of his tea and set the cup aside. He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes, trying to ignore a throbbing headache.
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