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To The West

It Never Ends...

To the West - Saiyuki RPG
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This is a Saiyuki RPG. Everyone's welcome to participate (please ;_;) Shounen-ai is welcome...yaoi too. >.>; Be comfortable with that.


1) Respect all other RPers. It's rude not to. >.>;
2) Playing OOC is fine, but try not to go overboard with it, please
3) Make a journal for you character.
4) There is no rule 4
5) Update often please! That way the RP shall live!
6) If we run out of characters then feel free to sign up as an OC, but remember that this will, sooner or later, get into shounen-ai...(oh my, did a few mary-sues leave? *smacked* ITE! O_<)
7)Bear with the dense moderator =D;

~When requesting a character, leave me a comment or even e-mail me. Please send in the following info:

-your name/nickname
-character you want
-small paragraph showing your great skills (don't really know why I bother with that. I suck at RPing...>.>; )
-tell me you love me =D; *smacked* ITE! ;_;

Any questions? Feel free to IM me or even send an e-mail.

Characters taken:

Goku: katgi <--Me X3
Kougaiji: keikain
Sanzo: sychogrl
Gojyo: amneco
Hakkai: chi_blast